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Giovanna Picasso

Born of Peruvian-Italian Descent her paintings are inspired from her Incan background,

her memories of the lush beautiful landscapes from which she hails, and her love of the masters.

She conveys these with her unique color selections, and her special gift of translating her thoughts and ideas into canvas in manner which draws the spectator into her world. 

She experiments with materials, techniques, and themes while searching for reality through her landscapes.

The idea of painting sparkles in a spontaneous and free manner and identities the dreams of this young artist.

A student of Maria Eugenia Monroy, her work surprises the spectator with a touch of magic and fantasy, full of interior richness and vitality.

Most of her earliest works are impressionistic, concentrating on 3-d images and rustic themes of her native Peru.

As she progressed, she adopted a style of cubism much like the works of Pablo Picasso, abstract pieces that take a special eye and skill to translate from idea to canvas.

While her latest works are much like the latter, she has also incorporated some themes of her own upbringing and culture. It is not uncommon to find Nazca lines and Incan symbols present in her work.

You can find Giovanna’s original in her studio and home, where she also teaches students to put their own ideas and visions on canvas.

She also has had work on display at Collectors Café, and select art exhibits throughout the Myrtle Beach area.

While appreciating her paintings, we embark in an imaginary travel through the subjective word of the form and tonality of her own personal vision of nature.

 She has a passion for art, and admires the work of many different styles.

 She in fundamentally self-taught, and enjoys experimenting with a variety of subjects.

If you’re a fan of local art here in Myrtle Beach area, you might have seen or hear of new works by Giovanna Picasso. As one would suspect by the name, Giovanna Picasso is related to the late great Pablo Picasso. While her works are clearly inspired by his style, they also shine light to her own experiences and history.

If you ‘re wondering how an Italian Peruvian and Pablo Picasso of Spain are related, here is how it works.

Inspired by this unique history, Giovanna sought out to learn the fine art of oil paintings. Mainly taught by Maria-Eugenia Monroy of Miami, but partially self-taught, Giovanna has produced some amazing works that go through several styles of oil paintings.